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I'm going to be writing a story that I've been thinking about for a really long time. It's a character I've been using for quite some time in roleplaying named Leujin (now you know where I got the name). There are several characters he interacts with and all that good stuff, so be looking forward to that soon. I'll get to that as soon as I'm a lot less bogged down with schoolwork and whatnot. Anyway, look for that soon. I hope you all enjoy it. I plan on actually making it like a novella, because this isn't the kind of story that can be told in a single sitting. Yeah. So I'm done tantalizing you with my new story. Look for the Prologue soon. :)
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I wrote this while high, so the rhyming is half assed, but it's still cool. For my reference: 11/19/2003

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Feb. 29th, 2004 05:03 pm
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Lightning strikes down on the land
As it cuts accross the sky.
The thunder sounds all through my house
It is the lightning's cry.
The rain pours down upon my roof,
each drop my roof does feel.
It douses all those lasting fires,
and makes them seem less real.
Drowning out all sound and life
The rain brings warmth from fear.
The rain puts out those deadly fires,
The rain is all I hear.
It comforts me in times of pain,
It lets me know I'm safe.
But if the rain were to never stop,
that wouldn't be so great.
I would tire of the constant downpour
And wish for something new.
I'd wish the fires to come back,
I'd wish for something new.
The rain is nice for certain,
but never all the time.
To have the rain always there
would be a natural crime.
The thunder sounds all through my house,
makeing windows shake.
The lighning cuts accross the sky,
and the lighning it does make
The room light up with a flash,
and briefly cure my woes.
Why it makes me feel so great,
I don't think I'll ever know.
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So, I'm just copy/pasting these from [livejournal.com profile] leujin to begin with. Starting with this one.

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