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I realized I never put this up here... it's from about 2003, and was published in the high school's creative writing publication... thingy.

I look to see if you are there,
But I find that I'm alone.
I wish you hadn't left me, friend,
To become this mindless drone.
Sometimes my mind, it wanders,
I fear it won't come back.
It goes to places I thought I'd forgotten
To a day that was less black,
To those happy days when nothing mattered,
And my friends stayed true to me.
Dear friend, you are in every vision,
Emblazed on my memory.
We had no common sense back then-
No guilt, no lust, no sin.
Our pride was never broken.
We were at no times empty within.

I wish you hadn't left me, friend,
I wish you were still there.
Standing with me, at my side,
When pain is too much to bear.
You were a shoulder to cry on:
My friend, companion, confidante.
You took the brunt of my anger
Yet still gave me things that I want.
I still don't know why you left us;
I guess it got to be too hard.
But, friend, you were always there for me;
You kept me from being wayward.
I would have done the same for you,
If only you'd stayed to see.
I would've been a good friend for you,
Just as you had been for me.


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