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I had a really insane creative burst last night, and it kept me up while I wrote the first half of this next installment in my story. I just finished writing it, so you're the first to see it. Enjoy. Input is always appreciated.


Leujin staggered into the bar as he typically did once the sun had set. He slept all through the day. He lay silent in his darkened room. Still as the dead. Practically lifeless. Practically. He propped himself against the door frame and surveyed the dredge and scum that usually populated a bar once the sun had set.

The bar itself was musty and stale. It was built of a very poor quality wood, and it showed with the many sagging, creaking beams that were strewn across the structure. Off in the corner was a stone fire place where a roaring fire licked at the feet of those who cared to be lost in its embers.

A great clamor arose as Leujin entered, but it had soon died down. No one really knew the secret he bore beneath his skin. Nobody particularly cared, either. They had problems of their own. He had problems of his own, too. Nearly two thousand years had passed since the day of his transformation. Since the day he was attacked. Since the day his kin were murdered oh so brutally.

The land where his kingdom once stood had now been transformed into a quaint little hamlet. His castle had been demolished to make way for the ever growing population that was so inexplicably drawn to the rolling hills and never-ending fields of the country. He smiled to himself at the thought that most of these people’s homes were probably haunted by those friends he had burried.

He took it upon himself to purchase, or rather comandeer a particular piece of real estate that had tickled his fancy. It was there that he spent most of his time. He spent it either sleeping or plotting his revenge. When he wasn’t there he could be found out hunting for the one that turned him, or here at the bar where he now stood. There was nothing particularly special about this bar except that it was astonishingly close to his home. Not so close as to compromise his secrecy, but close enough that he could walk there every evening once the sun had lazilly rolled its way across the sky and found its quaint little home at the other end of the horizon.

The only real attraction this particular bar had was the deal he had made with the owner. He’d saved the man’s life once. He was closing up the bar after a long days work when he was suddenly ambushed by a group of ruffians who had the intention of murdering and then robbing the man. He wasn’t a very old man, but he certainly wasn’t young any more. The signs of aging were beginning to show in the man, but he still had some verility left in his body. Not enough to fend of a group of men half his age, unfortunately.

Leujin had just happened to be lurking about those particular parts and gave the bandits a what for. The owner owed him his life.

“Thank you,” he said, in a frail, terrified voice, “If there’s anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Well, young man, there is something you can do for me,” spat Leujin. Leujin had a particular disdain for the hunt. The thirst for blood still plagued him like a flesh-eating virus, but he so despised going out and feasting whatever he could catch. He explained his situation to the man, who was, needless to say, very skeptical and off-put at first, but he willingly obliged.

He now kept a special drink on tap just for Leujin. He cut a deal with the blood bank to have delivered to him a pint of blood every week, no questions asked. Leujin gave the man a nod as he moved his hand from the door frame and readjusted his weight before beginning the seemingly endless trek to the bar. The man nodded back and waddled off to the back. Seconds later he emerged with a glass in his hand and passed it off to Leujin, who in turn dropped a couple coins into the man's hand. He then went about his business of wiping the used glasses and the counter. Leujin was brooding silently over his glass and scanning the area once again.

“Nothing out of the ordinary ever seems to happen around here,” he thought to himself. Off by the fire place was a young couple, laughing and giggling and generally being in love. A feeling Leujin had long since forgotten. Sitting on the hearth was that unusual black cat. He wasn’t sure why it was unusual, but something about it just struck him as odd. He could never quite put his finger on it, and decided to move on. The tables in the area were usually sparsely populated. At each one sat another desolate individual caught up in his own life and his own filth and his own greed (save, of course, for the happy young couple, who were now arm in arm and sighing happily. Leujin sighed in disgust right back at them). Every once in awhile a chipper young individual would find his way into the bar, but was usually so off-put by the atmosphere that he never stayed for more than one or two drinks.

“Nothing very unusual,” Leujin repeated to himself, nursing his drink. Then his eyes were caught by someone off in the corner. He wasn’t sure why she had caught his eye, because she was certainly nothing spectacular to look at. She was very round and squattish. Her face was round and sad. Her eyes were round and empty. Her body was round, and looked very awkard to be such a female shape. She was by no stretch of the imagination pretty. However, she was by no means ugly. Just very average. Very plain. Perhaps what had caught Leujin’s eye was the fact that she was so average, as opposed to the other ilk in his surroundings. They were all either very moody with quite weather-worn features, or unusually extatic with chiseled, gorgeous features.

“Snogging couple,” he said, just loud enough that they could hear him, but they chose to pay no mind to him and went back to giggling uncontrolably over each other.

His eyes found their way back to the woman sitting in the corner. She was flicking something in her hand that made sparks, and occasionally flames. Upon closer inspection it could be seen that she wasn’t holding anything at all. She was, in fact, snapping her fingers and little flames would dance about her hand. Her hair was shearn short and dyed a sickly color of green. Across her round, average frame she wore a tattered white blouse. She also wore a frayed purple skirt that whiffled about her feet as people entered and exited the bar. Beneath the skirt she was wearing black leather work boots, presumably because she did a lot of walking. In fact, at first glance she could easily have been mistaken for a man, yet Leujin continued to be captivated by her average beauty.

He suddenly found that he’d lost all control of his legs and they were now walking over to where she sat. She took no notice of it at first, but the shuffling way the Leujin walked suddenly drew her attention. They stared directly at eachother. Neither of them smiled. Leujin continued to show an unusual interest in her while she continued to look very apathetic about the whole situation. All the while she had continued to flick flames magically out of her fingers.

Finally Leujin found his way next to the table in the darkly lit corner of the bar and asked, “Mind if I sit here?”

“May as well,” she replied rather snarkily, “You seemed to put up quite an effort to find your way all the way across the room.”

He sneered at her. She sneered back.

Leujin pulled back a chair and plopped down into it, almost spilling his rather thick, murky drink, but he saved it at the last minute. A wry smile crept its way across his face as he cleared his throat and began the speech he’d been composing in his mind since he first saw her, “I couldn’t help but notice you,” he said, “You have a very unusual gift there,” he nodded toward her hand, which suddenly stopped flicking flames for a moment. She was startled at first. She really didn’t like people looking at her hands. It showed by the long white gloves she wore which had a very unusual design embroidered into them. They too were very tattered.

She turned her hand over and smiled a little bit, “Yes, I suppose it is sort of strange to see someone shooting flames from their finger tips. What of it?”

Excellent, thought Leujin, This is going exactly the way I’d hoped it would, and then he spoke, “Oh, no particular reason. It’s just a very unusual thing.

“And believe me,” he added with a grin, “I know something about unusual.”

“Do you, now?” replied the girl with great disinterest, “I would imagine that somebody in this place would no something about ‘unusual things,’” she made a point of sounding very sarcastic, adding to the effect by using finger quotes.

Leujin sneered at her again and continued his little speech, “Yes, I know something about unusual. In fact, one would go so far as to say I’m very unusual myself,” here came the wry grin again.

She smiled condescendingly back at him and grabbed his face, making his lips pucker, which he quite didn’t enjoy, “Do you now, love? Well, one could go so far as to say I’m fairly unusual, too,” she released his face and he replied by cracking his jaw back into place.

I’m losing her, he thought, This whole scheme is getting quite off track, “What does such an unusual creature find herself doing in a place like this?”

“Me? I’m on business of sorts.”

Leujin snorted, “Yes, I’m on business of sorts, too.”

The girl quirked her eyebrows at him, “Why so interested, my pale young lad?”

Leujin furrowed his brow. The girl was quite astoot, but clearly naive. He was very pale, but that was hidden by the poor lighting in the bar. That was one of the things that attracted him to it. The lighting was very poor, which meant that he could stand to be in there for several hours, but it also masked his ghostly complexion. It was one of the curses that came along with being a vampire.

He did also appear to be very young. In fact, he hadn’t aged a day since the night he was attacked. To the untrained observer he appeared to be nothing more than a pale man in his early twenties, but his eyes told much more. His eyes told of a horrific event which he had somehow survived through, only to find that every person he ever held dear to him had been slaughtered in cold blood. They told of a brooding silence he kept for hundreds of years while he watched the land around him be ravaged by invading hordes, cultivated, and then forgotten when newer and greater things were seen on the horizon. They told of the sheer agony in knowing that he would outlive every person he ever came in contact with. He knew that no matter how many friends he made and how close he got to them he would have to see them age and eventually be torn from the mortal coil.
This was what truly surpised him about this unusual girl. He’d made a point of staying very distant from everyone he ever met, because he knew that eventually he was going to have to see them given back to the Earth. He’d never been so struck by anybody in quite some time, and this worried him a little. He shoved that little worry into the back of his mind and drew his attention to the girl sitting before him.

“My name is Leujin,” he said, as he extended his hand to be shaken.

She looked at it as though someone was offering her a fish that had been dead for several days and was beginning to stink up the whole home. She simply nodded to acknowledge his greeting, “I am called Harlin, if you must know. Harlin Quent,” she left it at that as she promptly got up out of her chair and clomped out of the bar. Leujin could do nothing more than be astounded at how smitten he was by this girl, Harlin Quent, that he had only known for the last 10 minutes.

He grinned and sighed contentedly, which was something he almost never did.

Date: 2005-05-13 08:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] stelar-star.livejournal.com
ooo I like it =] gunna write more??

Date: 2005-05-13 10:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leujin.livejournal.com
Oh of course. I already have a good lot of the major plot points written out in my head.


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