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Lesse... I wrote this... four years ago, I think? I'm not really sure. It was in my person journal (ooh, massive secrets, shock!)

I find I'm feeling warmness,
as I live the way I do
I'm growing on the inside,
and being fed through a tube.
Time so slowly passes
and I hear so many voices,
I feel I'm being pulled away
and I'm given many choices:
Do I stay here in familiarity,
and warmth and happiness too?
Or do I go out and face the world,
leaving my mother's womb?

A great amount of time has passed,
and I am a young babe
I am very unaware of life,
and don't really know my name.
I'm incapable of speaking,
no matter what I try.
It just come out as burps and gurgles,
and sometimes I even cry.

Now I am a young boy,
and I've been exposed to the world.
I'm still not sure what's going on,
so my life continues to unfurl.
I play with toys and kittens,
and pretend to be away
in a place that I have never been,
in a place I'll never play.

I've grown into a teenager,
I am almost a man.
I know a little of the world,
but still I have no plan.
I argue with my parents.
I'd rather be with friends.
Why have you put this burden on me?
Why can't it all just end?

I've grown into a young adult,
and met a girl I love.
Although I have been hurt before,
I feel she is my dove.
I know she'd never leave me,
no matter what I do.
I know she wouldn't leave me,
because she loves me too.

A grown man I have now become,
two children of my own.
My darling wife has left me;
The reasons were unknown.
I watch my children growing,
and I know they watch me back.
They know I grieve within my heart,
for something that I lack.

Now I am old and withered,
my children have left me alone.
They said it was for my own good,
and dumped me in a home.
The time they left was long ago,
I don't remember how.
They left me in this cold dark place,
and I don't know what will happen now.

I'm not sure where I am now,
but I like where I ended up.
The people here are very nice,
and we all drink from a golden cup.
I know that I'll be happy,
maybe I'll meet all those I lost?
I sure hope they are happy too,
and don't feel like their lives were tossed.


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